Meet Dr. Amanda Rentschler

Amanda Rentschler, DMD

Dentistry is an exciting place to be and I am blessed to be a part of it. The encounters that happen every day — from meeting a mother and her one-year-old and completing the child’s first dental visit, to creating a healthy smile for someone who hasn’t seen a dentist in many years — are immensely rewarding. Each day is unique, with new people to get to know and new confidence to give.

I truly enjoy the challenge of creating custom treatment plans to address a person’s individual needs. We see people of all ages, from different backgrounds and experiences, and each has their own fears and desires. This complexity is what makes dentistry beautiful!

For me, being a dentist is about building a relationship with the person sitting before me, actively listening to their needs, and designing a treatment plan that is unique to them. Then we see that plan through to fruition, together.

I first became interested in dentistry because of my late nephew. He was born with many congenital defects, and, as a result, was missing many teeth early on. His perseverance and positive spirit through that time in his life, and his absolutely infectious gummy smile, are what sparked my interest in the profession.

Soon after, I shadowed local dentists, and saw how a single, positive dental encounter can be life-changing. In this, I saw an opportunity to be part of people’s lives: helping them overcome fears, relieving pain, and providing solutions to their concerns — and I never looked back!

The greatest compliment I can receive is when a patient refers a family member or friend to me. It is an honor to have the trust of my patients; I will always treat it with the greatest care.


Dentistry is an ever-changing field. Research leads to new methodologies and technologies, which can improve the patient experience and results. It is crucial to stay current on the latest developments in order to provide patients with the ideal treatment for their needs.

Professional Memberships

I am an active member of the American Dental Association, Washington State Dental Association, and Mount Baker District Dental Society. These professional organizations offer a range of opportunities for me to expand my knowledge and skills. Through continuing education — seminars, meetings, and lectures — we continue to embrace new technologies and systems while learning from the leaders in dentistry.

In the Community

I am a member of the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce and currently sit on the Chamber Board of Directors.

February is National Children's Dental Health Month and each year (except during Covid!), some of our staff and I go to our local elementary schools to educate our youth on the importance of oral health. The kids learn about "sugar bugs" and brushing and flossing and often are so proud to tell us how many teeth they've lost! I'm very excited to get back to this in 2023!

I think a sense of community involves understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and lifting each other up when needed. We can each use our strengths to elevate the quality of life of those around us, and getting to know our neighbors fosters a secure and close-knit community.

Beyond the Office

Growing up on a pear orchard in Yakima, I have been around agriculture my whole life and I’m happy to now call Mount Vernon my home. My husband John and I have been together for over 20 years; we met in high school and married fourteen years ago. He’s a staple at our practice and does TONS of work behind the scenes to keep things running, functioning efficiently, and helping the day run smoothly overall for our patients and our staff.

Linkyn, our daughter who’s in elementary school, is absolutely amazing! She is smart, independent, knows exactly what she wants, and is so very unique. She is a pleasure to be around and it so fulfilling to watch her grow and become her own person!

We love to explore new-to-us places by visiting the beaches here on the islands and along the Washington and Oregon coasts. We also travel to Yakima quite often, to visit extended family and friends. Closer to home, Linkyn keeps us busy with soccer, piano lessons, swim lessons, and many other ever-changing interests.