Dental Fillings in Mount Vernon

Most common dental filling materials include ceramic and resin compounds that mimic the appearance of natural teeth. These compounds, often called composite resins, can be used throughout the mouth and provide an esthetic, strong, and functional solution to restoring tooth decay or fractures. 

An additional restorative material we ulitize at times is glass ionomer. This material is also resin-based and tooth-colored, but has fluoride within it as well. Glass ionomers are less sensitive to moisture contamination during placement and thus are useful in situations where deep decay is present or access is very limited.

What can I expect?

Before your treatment begins, your doctor will review the procedure, what alternatives there may be (if any), any risks that may be involved, and answer your questions. Often, we take photos with a small intraoral camera during the procedure so you can see the transformation of your tooth once the appointment is over.